Supporting young people to develop entrepreneurial skills

In East Africa employment of the youth graduating from colleges and universities has over the years become a challenge due to lack of high quality formal jobs that the graduates can be absorbed into. The situation  has partly been caused by  the fact that a relatively high percentage of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the East African region falls in the micro and small  size category, and this means that, majority of the SMEs are not creating enough opportunities thus leading to lack of jobs. The School of Business, aware of these prevailing conditions has adopted a model for enhancing the curriculum towards entrepreneurial training among students enrolled in Kenyatta University.

It is in this light that the School of Business, through the Department of Business Administration spearheaded discussions with Wadhwani Foundation (WF) on collaboration to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship by students enrolled in Kenyatta University (KU). WF, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, which supports National Entrepreneurship economic development through ‘Job creation’- Entrepreneurship & SME development (NEN); and ‘Job fulfilment’ - Skills and Vocational development. WF does this by mainstreaming entrepreneurship in education for national impact and by supporting start-ups and SMEs to grow their companies. Through the program, students will generate ideas that are nurtured in the course of their studies by mentors in academics and industry aimed at creating new entrepreneurial ventures. The school expects that once the joint program with WF is implemented in the next academic year, students will not only acquire skills and competencies to function with higher relevance, knowledge and know-how so that they can leverage on the opportunities in the east African region but also establish the necessary networks  needed to grow their businesses competitively.